Posting here because William Nevels, Esq. is pretty awesome. It’s a complete coincidence that in this particular case his awesomeness involved telling me how much he loved something I did.

Dear Chris,

I have finished reading your book, and I loved it! The story was a combination of thrill, survival, and a bit of mystery. I love how you made Michael this character who’s conflicted and doesn’t believe he can overcome this fear of the planet surface. It must be very hard to fail in front of people who have high expectations of what he should be capable of doing. 

He has this friend who has some feelings for him and he doesn’t even know that she does. They sneak out together trying to prove everyone wrong but end up dooming themselves. I like how you gave a sense that there was no way they were going to survive. You made it clear that there was no way they could possibly survive out there.

One of the things I thought you should maybe change is the death of Randall. He was an important character; he was an inspiring character that helped Michael and Lilith survive. The death of him was just, not right. I felt he should be thought to be dead, but then, in the end, he should come back out of the rubble and help them find their way back. That is just my opinion of that, and you don’t need to take my word for it.

Your book was incredible and I hope to see a sequel soon!


William Nevels